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Alumina Micro Powder
Alumina Micro Powder
Alumina Micro Powder


Alumina is a stable oxide of aluminum, the chemical formula is Al2O3. It is also known as bauxite in mining, pottery and materials science.

Traits: Insoluble in water white solids, odorless, tasteless, extremely hard, easy to absorb tide without moisture solution (burning does not absorb moisture). Alumina is a typical amphoteric oxide, (corundum is alpha-shaped to be the most dense accumulation of six square, is an inert compound, insoluble in acid and alkali corrosion resistance [1]), soluble in inorganic acid and alkaline solution, almost insoluble in water and non-polar organic solvents; relative density (d204) 4.0; Melting Point 2050 ℃.

Storage: Sealed dry preservation.

Usage: Used as analytical reagent, dehydration of organic solvents, adsorbent, organic reaction catalyst, abrasive agent, polishing agent, raw material for smelting aluminum, refractories.

Aluminium hydroxide (Aluminium hydroxide), Chemical Al (OH) 3, is an hydroxide of aluminum. Aluminium hydroxide can not only react with acid to produce salt and water but also react with strong alkali to produce salt and water, so it is also a amphoteric hydroxide. Chemical Al (OH) 3, an hydroxide of aluminum. Because it also shows a certain amount of acidity, it can also be called aluminum acid (H3AlO3). However, the actual reaction with alkali is the formation of four-hydroxyl aluminate ([Al (OH) 4]-). It is therefore usually treated as a hydrated aluminum acid (HAlO2· H2O), according to the use of industrial and pharmaceutical grade two.

Aluminum hydroxide is the largest dosage and the most widely used inorganic flame retardant additives. Aluminium hydroxide, as a flame retardant, can not only flame retardant, but also prevent smoke, do not produce drops, do not produce toxic gases, therefore, access to a wider range of applications, the use of increasing by year. Scope of Use: thermosetting plastics, thermoplastics, synthetic rubber, coatings and building materials and other industries. At the same time, aluminum hydroxide is also the electrolytic aluminum industry must be the basic raw materials for aluminum fluoride, in the industry aluminum hydroxide is also very widely used.

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