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The process by which potassium aluminate is used to electrolytic aluminum

In modern society, the use of aluminum is becoming more and more popular, electrolytic aluminum is a very important link in the production of aluminum, potassium aluminate is an important material in electrolytic aluminum, today we focus on explaining the use ofPotassium aluminateThe process of electrolytic aluminum.

General products are casting, die-casting, stretching, extrusion forming. The first two species, can do more complex technology, the latter two species, there are certain production limitations.

Aluminum Electrolysis production process

Modern aluminum industry production usingPotassium aluminate--Alumina melting salt electrolysis method. Molten potassium aluminate is a solvent, alumina is solute dissolved, carbon as an anode (prebaked anode block), aluminum liquid as a cathode, through the DC current, in the940℃~970Under ℃, an electrochemical reaction is carried out on the poles of the electrolytic cell, that is, electrolysis. Anode products are mainly carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide gas, but it contains a certain amount of hydrogen fluoride (Hf) and other harmful gases and solid dust, the anode gas must be purified treatment, remove harmful gases and dust back into the atmosphere. Cathode product is aluminum liquid, aluminum liquid through the vacuum lift bag extracted from the tank, sent to the foundry Workshop, in the mixing furnace purification and clarification, pouring into aluminum ingots, or production into linear billet, profiles, etc.

Because sand alumina has good fluidity, fast dissolution, strong adsorption capacity of hydrogen fluoride gas and other advantages, just to meet the production of prebaked trough. Alumina required for the production of a ton of aluminium is theoretically calculated as1889KG, in fact due to alumina impure and transport, the loss of processing, the production of a ton of aluminum actually needs alumina about1925~1940kg of alumina.

Fluorinated salts:

The fluorinated salts used in aluminum electrolysis production are mainlyPotassium aluminateand aluminum fluoride, followed by a number of additives used to adjust and improve the properties of electrolytes, such as magnesium fluoride, lithium fluoride, calcium fluoride, sodium fluoride.

   Potassium aluminate

Potassium aluminateDivided into natural and artificial two, because the natural potassium aluminate in nature is very small reserves, can not meet the industrial use, so the aluminum industry are using artificial potassium aluminate. The molecular formula of potassium aluminate isNa3AlF6,or write to become3NaFAlF3

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