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How is ice crystal used as active filler in favor of grinding effect?

In the presence of sulfur and halogen vapour,The energy required to cut steel will be greatly reduced. This theory has been confirmed for the use of composite grinding fluid and single point cutting tools for ceramic grinding wheels. When cutting steel is known,Low melting point metal is an excellent lubricant,People also take advantage of this aspect of their knowledge in the manufacture of grinding fluids. Since resin grinding wheels are usually used for dry grinding,Do not use coolant during grinding,As a result, it is not affected by halogen or sulfur vapour and low melting point metals. In view of this,These materials are usually added directly to the manufacture of resin binder grinding wheels. Grinding Wheel Dry Grinding,Sulfur or halogen vapour is present at the grinding place,They break the chemical bond of the steel.,As a means, the ability to grind steel is greatly improved. In some binders,,Metals containing low melting points,In addition to grinding pressure and speed improvement,It also melts the steel itself. It is also beneficial to combine low melting point metals with binders. Resin Grinding wheel for dry grinding steel,Its optimum formulation always contains a supply of halogen or sulfur. When grinding stainless steel and alloy steel,Chemically active fillers are very important.;It's not very important for carbon steel.,And when grinding non-ferrous metals,,The chemically active filler has no superiority at all.

1,NaturalCrystal Crystaland Pyrite NaturalIce Crystal stone, Crystal CrystalThe chemical expression isNa3a1f6Crystal CrystalPowder is first used as a reinforcement material,Used to increase the strength of the abrasive. And then found that becauseCrystal CrystalThe melting point is low,The role of grinding heat in the grinding process,Crystal CrystalMelting,Causes the abrasive particles to fall off easily,To prevent the blockage of the grinding wheel. Other than that,It's melted.Crystal Crystal,Lubrication can be played in grinding;And it precipitates fluorine.,It is beneficial to the grinding of steel,SoCrystal CrystalThe powder is adapted to a dry grinding wheel without coolant during grinding. Practice has proved,For the manufacture of ordinary grinding wheels,Crystal CrystalThe reinforcement effect of powder is not as good as that of semi-aqueous gypsum powder,The amount of its addition is generally1.5%~5%Crystal CrystalThe technical conditions of the powder are shown in the table below. TableCrystal CrystalTechnical conditions of powder appearance particle size densityg/cm31200Sieve residue/%150Sieve residue/%White powder<><>Pyrite(FeS2)Can be used in the form of micro powder.But in the hot-pressing molding of high-density coarse abrasive grinding wheel,The granularity of pyrite is aboutF60,This granularity size is between the abrasive size and the resin powder size.,In the binder, the amount of its addition is the volume of the micro-powder filler used.50%;The use of coarse-grained pyrite in very coarse abrasives,Its function is to be able to accommodate a large number of fillers,It also has the ability to reduce porosity to zero. NaturalCrystal CrystalAnd the pyrite mixture is an excellent filler.,People use it to prepare high-strength coarse grinding wheels.,These wheels don't require metal lubricants.,can cause steel to melt or at least soften during the operation of the grinding wheel,This makes the cutting process easier.

2, zinc sulfide and synthesisIce Crystal stone, Crystal Crystalis the first active filler to be used,Of all the fillers,,It has always been the most widely used filler. However, due to the relationship between its resources,People began to use other materials instead of it. SynthesisCrystal CrystalThe chemical name is potassium fluoride.,The chemical expression isKbf4。 Grey-White crystalline powder,Slightly soluble in water. As a matter of fact,It's more natural thanCrystal CrystalThe activity is still large. But,Potassium fluoride was added to reduce the tensile strength of resin binder. So,The amount of its use is very small. SynthesisCrystal CrystalUsually used in combination with inactive fillers such as feldspar,The use of potassium fluoride to improve grinding performance at the same time,Use feldspar to improve the tensile strength of the binder. Activated filler zinc sulfide(ZnS)It has been widely used in the resin binder grinding wheel of cutting steel. It can be used both in the form of natural minerals and sphalerite,It can also be used with chemical precipitation powder.,Among them, the activity of precipitation powder is greater,is more expensive.3, lead chlorinated and antimony sulfide(PbCl2),White Crystal,Density5.85G/CM3,Melting point501,Boiling point950,Insoluble in cold water, ethanol and ether,Slightly soluble in hot water. Grinding wheels prepared with these two materials have excellent cutting properties,But because they have cumulative toxicity,,Producers are not only exposed to hazards in the preparation, mixing, molding and other production processes,And under the action of grinding heat,,These materials will also evaporate.,It also endangers the physical health of the user.