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Molten iron for aluminium smelting with ice crystal stone

In the smelting process of aluminum and aluminum alloys, in order to prevent the oxidation of the melt and remove the inclusions is often achieved by adding a flux, the former is to the melt surface to sprinkle a layer called the covering agent of the flux, melting after the formation of a certain thickness of a dense liquid layer, can prevent the infiltration of oxygen, thus preventing the oxidation of aluminum, Significantly reduce the burn loss of aluminum; the latter is to add a certain amount of refining agent to the melt body, which can make the inclusions such as Al2O3 and aluminum melt separated and float on top of the melt to form slag and remove, and can adsorb a certain amount of hydrogen in the melt, so the refining agent has the dual role of removing miscellaneous hydrogen. The mulch and refining agents of aluminum and aluminum alloy melt are mostly composed of chlorine salt and fluorine salt, and some also containCrystal Crystal(Na3AlF6), but does not containPotassium ice Crystal Stone(KAlF4) because of its high price.


Potassium ice crystals are specially made from chemical processes, but they are also a byproduct of the production of certain products. The preparation process of the former class is mainly mixed research method and synthesis method, which can be called conventional process, the latter type of product is the productionA by-product of the Al-Ti-B intermediate alloy. Al-Ti-B Intermediate alloy is an aluminum alloy grain refiner, is the production of aluminum must be added to refine the grain and tissue of the alloy, improve the properties of the material.

ProductionBy-Products of Al-Ti-B intermediate alloys

In the productionAl-5Ti-B Intermediate alloy-grain refiner, each 1t of aluminum requires 0.280t K2TiF6 and 0.140t KBF4, while each 1tAl-5B-1Ti intermediate alloy can simultaneously produce potassium ice crystal stone (KAlF4) by-product 0.40t. Of course, it may not be completely pure KAlF4, that is, it may be mixed with a small amount of K3AlF6. ThisPotassium ice Crystal StoneThe physical and chemical properties are consistent withQB/DFD4294-2003 's requirements and indicators, its application range and professional production of products equivalent, because it is a by-product, in the market competition may have a more price advantage.

2011 China's demand for Al-Ti-B grain refiner (estimate) is about 61kt, considering that some products do not add this refiner, so the actual output is about 50kt, so the production of potassium ice crystal stone is about 20kt.

As there areCrystal Crystal, the interfacial tension between the aluminum melt and the flux increases, the volatility and moisture absorption of the flux decrease, the overlay becomes more dense, and has certain refining ability, so it has the comprehensive process performance of covering, separating and refining, which is widely used in all aluminum and aluminum alloys except aluminum alloy with high magnesium content.


In principle, in the flux, theCrystal CrystalCan all be usedPotassium ice Crystal Stone(KAlF4), and can achieve better coverage and refining results, but potassiumCrystal CrystalThe price is high, so from the value for money consideration, or do not use potassium ice crystal stone as well. The general chlorine salt has little melting ability to alumina, which is1%~2%, ifCrystal Crystal, the dissolution capacity of the flux to alumina is greatly enhanced.