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What is the role of ice crystal as a metal flux? Its usage in casting

Crystal stone must not be too strange for everyone,Crystal CrystalNot only in the chemical industry is occasionally used, in the foundry industry is often used in a solvent, especially the electrolytic aluminum and cast iron industry is often used, then today we will find out how ice crystal in electrolytic aluminum and cast iron when used. All right, let's take a look at it with Xiao Knitting.

Crystal CrystalAs a flux of electrolytic aluminum; its function is:

The first can dissolve alumina well, and the melting body can be electrolytic below the melting point of pure ice crystal stone, and the fluidity is better;

Second, at electrolytic temperature, the density of an alumina melt of ice crystal is smaller than that of aluminum liquid.10%, so the electrolytic aluminum liquid can be deposited on the cathode under the electrolyte, which can reduce the oxidation loss of aluminum, and greatly simplify the structure of the aluminum electrolytic cell;

Third, the crystal has good electrical conductivity; IV, the ice crystal Stone does not contain a potential order than aluminum correction of electrical metal impurities, can

To ensure the quality of aluminum products, at present, ice crystal is still the most ideal flux in aluminum electrolysis production

In the castingCrystal CrystalHow is the powder used? How much do you use? Is it mixed with sand or sprinkled on sand? Do you react when you meet water or do you react with water when you are caught in hot ice crystal stone powder?

Crystal CrystalUsed in ductile iron production. Ice crystals do not react when they are caught in water.

1.Sprinkle on the surface of the iron liquid, dosage0.1%-0.3%, function: Slag removal and covering. The crystal can dilute the slag so that it is easy to collect and remove. Ice crystals are heated (greater than1011°C) Decomposition generationAlF3Gas protects the surface of iron and prevents oxidation, but this gas is harmful to the human body.

2.Wet type cavity surface chattering ice crystal stone powder, effectively prevent the production of subcutaneous pores. Metal after pouring--The casting interface has aCrystal CrystalMelt layer, which dissolves what is produced by the water-gas reduction reaction on the interface and reduces the substrate required for hydrogen precipitation in the Interfacial iron layer to form a bubble nucleus; produced by the decomposition of ice crystals at high temperatureAlF3Gas can protect the interfacial iron layer different interface water vapor chemical reaction, prevent the interface iron liquid layer of hydrogen absorption.