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What is the application of potassium ice crystal stone?

We've explained a lot of little knowledge about potassium ice crystals before.Potassium ice Crystal StoneIn some industries of the national economy have been applied, but the most used is aluminum and aluminum alloy brazing, as a brazing agent of thePotassium ice Crystal Stonehas become an indispensable and vital material for the connection of aluminum parts.

Brazing Connection Brazing agent for aluminum workpiece

Because aluminum alloy has a series of advantages, such as small density, strong conductivity and thermal conductivity, abundant resources, high recovery rate, high mechanical properties, good formability, strong corrosion resistance and no magnetism, it has been widely used in various sectors of the national economy, and has also become the second largest metal material after steel, especially in transportation equipment.More and more applications (aerospace aircraft, rail vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, magnetic levitation vehicles, etc.) play a key role in saving energy and reducing pollutant emissions. But the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloy has a very thin layer of dense alumina film, on the one hand, it protects aluminum does not continue to oxidize, so that aluminum has a strong resistance to atmospheric corrosion, and other aspectsPotassium ice Crystal Stoneand hinder aluminum.-Aluminum, and brazing connections of aluminum and other metal materials.

In the brazing process of aluminum and its alloys, chloride brazing agent has been widely used for its advantages such as good activity, increasing the fluidity of solder, stable and not easy to fail when heating, easy to use and low price. But their biggest drawback is that the base material has a strong electrochemical corrosion, strong moisture absorption, and not easy to preserve. After welding residue or removal of brazing area will seriously corrode the solder, in heating and easy hydrolysis to make the brazing agent performance worse, or even ineffective. In addition, after welding to the residue cleaning requirements are very high slightly residual is due to moisture caused by corrosion. In terms of the internal quality of the brazing seam after brazing and the corrosion degree of the base material, the fluoride brazing agent is much better than the chloride brazing agent.In additionPotassium ice Crystal StoneOfFluoride brazing agent is also more slightly better than chloride brazing agent in spreading area, fluidity, brazing rate, shear strength and coating.