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Manufacture and usage of potassium ice crystal stone

Crystal Crystalis a commonly used raw material in electrolytic aluminum and foundry industry, he has a variety of manufacturing methods, today we will learn about the main manufacturing methods of ice crystal stone.

Routine preparation process1.1.1 Mixed Research Method

This method is toKF and AlF3 or K3alf4 with KF or K3alf6 and AlF3, or K3alf6 and KAlF4 according to the prescribed composition ratio of ingredients, mixed with different methods, grinding and production. Some processes also use these raw materials as a basic distribution with a small amount of other fluoride to further improve the performance of the solder flux. Mixed preparation of KF and AlF3 with wet mixed research method and dry and wet research methodsuch as

Division of Research Law; KAlF4 and KF mixed preparation, generally anhydrous powder mixed research, the ratio of 80%~99.8% KAlF4 and AlF3 mixed preparation, usually 60%~70% K3AlF6, 27%~33% AlF3, can also be the basic raw materials, and add a small amount of other fluoride; K3AlF6 are mixed in eutectic proportions, such as 20%k3alf6 and 80%KAlF4.

Synthetic method

Preparation by Mixed research methodCrystal CrystalThe main drawbacks are: The basic raw material is KF or KAlF4 or K3ALF6, the price is high and not easy to make; The prepared products often contain free KF, which is easy to dissolve in water and absorb water, resulting in corrosion of welded parts. Although these shortcomings do not exist in the research method, but the operation is cumbersome, high energy consumption, the need for high temperature melting and grinding. Therefore, a mixed method has been developed, with Al (OH) 3, HF, KCl, KOH, K2CO3, KBR and so on as raw materials, resulting in a number of such as potassium aluminate, potassium fluoride method, aluminum hydroxide potassium method, potassium carbonate method, potassium method and other commercial preparation process.

The main points and advantages of the synthesis method are illustrated by taking potassium aluminate method as an example, and the known composition of theThe Al (OH) 3 reacts with the hot Koh solution to make a KAlO2 clarifying solution, in which the k+ is abundant, so that the amount of k:al in the solution is equal to the corresponding proportion of the same as the Crystal point. Then add excess hydrofluoric acid, which will precipitate k3alf6 and KAlF4 precipitation mixture. Steamed dry and baked at 200 ℃ to remove residual free acids. Reaction equation:

Al (OH) 3 + KOH = KAlO2 + 2H2O

2KAlO2 + 2KF + 8HF = K3AlF6 + KAlF4 + 4H2O

Prepared byK3ALF6, KAlF4 mixture for white powder, very fine, particle size 0.1~5μm, melting point of 560 ℃, is a good aluminum alloy solder flux. Compared with the mixed research method, there is no need for high temperature melting, no grinding, simple operation, good quality, low cost, suitable for mass production, adapt to the needs of the development of automotive aluminum parts brazing industry.

    That's what we're explaining today.Crystal CrystalThe main manufacturing methods, I hope you see will be helpful, today's study is here, we can contact us if there is a need for ice crystal, we will do our best to serve you.