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What other uses is potassium ice crystal stone in addition to electrolytic aluminum and metal casting

Copper alloy and stainless steel brazing flux

Whether copper and copper alloys or stainless steel, the surface has a thin layer of oxides and other foreign bodies that prevent brazing, they must be cleaned before brazing, that is, with brazing agent to remove,Potassium ice Crystal Stoneis to remove copper, stainless steel and other surface oxides of a good solvent that is solder flux. With potassiumWhen the ice crystal is brazed with copper and stainless steel, the residue after welding is easy to remove.

Nocolok brazing Wire and its improvement

At present, on the basis of the application of potassium ice Crystal stone brazing agent, theThe Nocolok method makes some improvements to improve efficiency, improve quality and reduce production costs. Improvements are carried out mainly in two ways; One is in the potassium ice Crystal stone brazing AgentAdd a third or more salt to increase the activity of the brazing agent and improve other properties; The other is to develop potassium.Crystal CrystalA new application method of Brazing agent.

Main auxiliary materials for grinding wheels

Grinding wheel is an indispensable tool in industrial production, which is known as"Industrial teeth", widely used in all walks of life. Grinding wheel is a complex system composed of a variety of main and auxiliary raw materials, the main materials are abrasive and binder, auxiliary materials include fillers, reinforced materials and so on.

In addition to the above advantages, the use of potassium ice crystal stone instead of conventional ice crystal stone, there are:

Can effectively reduce the resin grinding wheel in the grinding and cutting process to raise dust, is conducive to environmental protection and improvement of sanitary conditions in the workplace.2 because of the unique composition and chemical structure of potassium ice crystal stone makes it neutral, PH is about 7, can play its role in grinding and abrasive more effectively, enhance the grinding rate of grinding wheel, improve the working speed of grinding wheel.

Potassium ice crystal stone is more expensive than conventional ice crystal stone, is its disadvantage, but aluminum-titanium-boron grain refiner production enterprises of the by-product potassium ice crystal stone not only quality and professional production of potassium ice crystal stoneEquivalent, and has a fairly strong price advantage, strong market competitiveness.

In addition to some of the above uses, potassiumCrystal CrystalThere is also an important use in steel smelting and glass and ceramic production.

Our company producesPotassiumCrystal Crystalis a flux, resin grinding wheel additives, glass clarifying agent and other products, welcome people from all walks of life to visit the company.