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What's the use of ice crystals in grinding wheels?

In the production of contemporary grinding wheel,Resin Grinding Wheel Additives(Na3AlF6) has been widely added as a supporting material to become a necessary material, and its role can be summed up as:

1 improve the adhesion of the binder. The abrasive in the grinding wheel is bonded together by the binder, the common binder is the resin, and its quality plays an extremely important role in the performance of the grinding wheel. The Ulotropine product (CH2) 6N4) is also added here as a resin hardener.

2 effectively reduce the grinding surface temperature and oxidation degree. BecauseResin Grinding Wheel AdditivesThe melting point is low, melting under the action of grinding heat, the grinding heat needs to be absorbed, and because of melting, the abrasive particles fall off, thus preventing the grinding wheel from clogging.

3 Reduce the burn area of the cut. BecauseResin Grinding Wheel AdditivesThe melting, absorption of heat, reduce the grinding temperature, so that the cutting and grinding parts of the burn area can be reduced.

4 increase cutting and grinding speed.Resin Grinding Wheel AdditivesAfter melting into a liquid, it is a good lubricant and the cutting speed can be increased.

5 during the grinding process,Resin Grinding Wheel AdditivesAfter melting, decomposition can occur and fluoride is precipitated, which is beneficial to the grinding and cutting of steel, soResin Grinding Wheel AdditivesIdeal for dry grinding grinding wheels without coolant.6 Grinding wheel use period extended.Resin Grinding Wheel AdditivesThe combined result of the above action in the grinding wheel is that the effective use period of the grinding wheel has been extended and the production cost has decreased.


Resin Grinding Wheel AdditivesThe role of the grinding wheel

Since the 21st century, industrial developed countries such as the United States, Japan and Western European countries have gradually usedResin Grinding Wheel AdditivesPotassium ice Crystal StoneKAlF4) replaces the conventionalCrystal CrystalThe manufacture of grinding wheels, to date, almost all of this replacement work has been completed. But untilIn 2011, about 80% of China's grinding wheel manufacturers are still using conventionalCrystal Crystal, only a small number of companies began replacing conventional sodium ice crystals with potassium ice crystals, and a handful of businesses began to use a mixture of the two ice crystals.

Because the use of potassium ice crystal stone in China's grinding wheel industry is still in its infancy, potassium ice crystals have a huge potential market not only in China but also in developing countries.Our company produces potassium ice crystal stone, high quality, comprehensive service, all over the country can be shipped, and has export business, over the years customers all over the world. Welcome people from all walks of life to visit our company orders.