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Application method of aluminum solder flux in Nocolok brazing method

With the development of automobile industry, aerospace industry and weapon industry, there is a growing need for brazing aluminum and aluminum alloy parts, such as commonly used radiators are brazing by aluminum alloy composites, of which radiators, condensers, evaporators and radiator cores have all been made of aluminum alloy, the surface isAl-Si alloy, the composition is equivalent to the Si content of Eutectic point, low melting point, 577 ℃, in order to facilitate brazing, Al-Si alloy forAluminum brazing Flux

and the production and processing of aluminum can not be separated fromPotassium aluminate, in the aluminum production and processing industry, potassium aluminate is an essential material, in the production of aluminum has played a pivotal role in the foundry industry is also of great use, but today we would like to explain the use of potassium aluminate in Brazing method, let's take a look at it.

Last centuryAluminium Canada (Alcan, 70), which merged with Rio Tinto in 2009 and renamed Rio Tinto, but still operates outside the name of Alcoa, has developed successful auto parts automatic, vacuum brazing wire, called Noclolk production line, which is called Nocolok method. The brazing parts of almost all heat exchange systems today are brazed by this method.

Aluminum brazing FluxThe function in the brazing process is: Remove oxides from brazing metal and solder surfaces, create the necessary conditions for liquid solders to spread on the surface of welded masterbatch, cover the surface of brazing masterbatch and solder with liquid film layer, isolate the harmful effects of oxygen in the air on them, and improve the wetting of liquid solder on the surface of welded metal by interfacial activity.

InIn a Nocolok brazing furnace, when the welded aluminum is heated to a certain temperature, theAluminum brazing FluxMaterial surface washing sprinkle organic solvents andPotassium aluminatePowder mixing fluid.Potassium aluminateThe powder dissolves immediately, while the organic solvent evaporates, hindering the solder welding material on theThe Al2O3 membrane is dissolved in the liquid potassium aluminate and is eliminated, the brazing can be carried out smoothly, and the high quality brazing joints can be obtained, and the solidified potassium aluminate is easy to remove, even if the residual potassium crystal stone on the weld and the base material will not cause corrosion in the future, which is the greatest advantage of potassium aluminate brazing agent.

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