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Potassium Fluoroaluminate(Potassium Cryolite)
Potassium Fluoroaluminate(Potassium Cryolite)
Potassium Fluoroaluminate(Potassium Cryolite)

Potassium aluminate(Potassium ice Crystal Stone)

Potassium fluoroaluminate (Potassium Cryolite)

Chemical name: Potassium aluminate, aluminium potassium fluoride 

Names:potassium fluoroaluminate;

Potassium aluminium Fluoride

OfStudy style: KAlF4 and K3AlF6

Formula:kalf4, K3AlF6

Chemical composition:(%)

Spec: (%)

The insoluble brazing agent is a potassium aluminate mixed salt composed of AlF3-KF system. In this system, solid-liquid identical compounds K3AlF6 and heterogeneous compounds KAlF4.K3AlF6 and KAlF4 are formed to form eutectic Point eutectic temperature 560C under certain conditions. The brazing agent takes this eutectic point component. Because it is difficult to dissolve in water, it can be used to adjust the paste with water, and at the brazing temperature does not corrode the base material.
The main drawback of chloride brazing agent is moisture absorption. The hygroscopic brazing agent is hydrolyzed during heating, which makes the performance of the brazing agent worse or even ineffective. In addition, residue cleaning requirements are high, otherwise it is easy to cause corrosion. Therefore, for a long time, many scholars have turned to vacuum brazing without brazing agent. However, in equipment installation, maintenance, operation and pre-cleaning and assembly of brazing parts, vacuum brazing is also sensitive to cumbersome and demanding. Aluminium materials have developed a kind of insoluble brazing agent, which overcomes the disadvantages mentioned above.

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