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 Cryolite Performance: Ice crystal stone for white crystalline powdery, sandy, granular, also has a light red powdery, sandy, granular, the specific gravity of 2.95-3.05g/cm, melting point of about 1000 ℃, temperature of 18-100 ℃ when the specific heat is 1.056J/g℃, slightly soluble in water, insoluble in anhydrous hydrogen fluoride The content of crystalline water decreases with the increase of molecular ratio, so the burn loss decreases with the increase of molecular ratio.

Usage: Ice crystal stone is mainly used as molten salt refining flux, also used for enamel milky white agent glass and enamel production of shading agent and solvent; pesticide insecticide; aluminum alloy casting solvent; ferroalloy and boiling steel production and resin rubber wear-resistant filler.

Advantages of ice Crystal:

1. The use of polymer in the new starting groove has the advantages of stable level of electrolyte, slow shrinkage and smooth molecular ratio change, which is beneficial to the stability of electrolyte composition.

2. Can save a lot of sodium fluoride or soda dosage, reduce production costs.

3. The addition method is simple and easy to operate.